The Potential Of Mobile Technologies in Business Environment

18 January 2014
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18 January 2014, Comments: 0

Today’s technology offers a broad array of solutions to the various mobility needs of your small business. One of the areas your employees can greatly benefit from is wireless technology solutions. There are three main wireless technologies in use today… Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity), Cellular Internet, and Bluetooth technology.

Research has shown that a growing number of small businesses are deploying mobile devices, not phone and voicemail. More than 80% of small and medium businesses (SMBs) enable their employees to check email via mobile devices and 64% use mobile devices for remote computing, and more than 50% SMBs enable employees to access applications and business data via mobile devices.

More than 90% of smaller companies report that mobile technologies have provided more flexible environments to their employees by empowering them to work in the field, at home, and any other location. More than 60% report increased productivity and improved access to critical information as key business advantages, and more than 45% report increased customer responsiveness and faster/better decisions and collaboration as main benefits to their organizations.  Read More

The Mobile Technologies & Devices Available For Business Use Today

Wi-Fi: Wireless Fidelity is the most widely used wireless technology in world today.

Cellular Technology:  Includes technologies such as GPRS, (General Packet Radio Services), EV-DO (Evolution Data Optimized).

Bluetooth:  Used for short-range wireless connections (up to 10 meters). Bluetooth can be used for connecting your office computers, printers, and other peripherals.

To mobilize your business, you will need to connect your mobile devices such as cell phones, smartphones, tablets and wireless-enabled (Wi-Fi) laptops to your company network using any of these wireless technologies.

Mobile Phones: Your employees can use their mobile phones not only for voicemail and SMS , but for email also. Every Internet-enabled phone can provide your employees anytime/anywhere access to their mail. Most mobile phones connect through cellular technologies such as GPRS and EV-DO.

Laptops: Today most laptops (mobile PCs) have built-in wireless capabilities and can connect to internet using wireless technology called Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity). While on the road, they can locate public Wi-Fi “hotspots” and easily connect to your company intranet and access important information. These Wi-Fi hotspots have a wireless base station that transmits signals to Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

Tablets, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and Smartphones: A PDA is a handheld computing device with a larger screen and many more advanced applications than most cell phones, and may or may not provide phone capability. A Smartphone is basically a cell phone and PDA combined. Smartphones have advanced capabilities and PC-like functionality such as internet access, e-mail, faxing, and remote data transfers. Smartphones often come with a preinstalled operating system, such as the Windows Mobile, RIM BlackBerry, and the iPhone.

Mobility can help small, medium sized businesses and enterprises work more productively and effectively by improving communication and collaboration. Having mobile and remote access to your company information can give you a competitive advantage. There are a number of business benefits your company can realize by adopting the mobile solutions.  Read More

Key Benefits Of Mobile Technologies

Maximize Overall Productivity: If your mobile employees are given access to the same company information they have when they are in the office, this can significantly increase their productivity. Your employees can rely on their mobile devices to access vital information or databases while they are away, so time spent out of office or on road is not wasted, making them equally effective wherever they are located.

Improved Customer Satisfaction: A quick response to customers’ e-mails and queries is essential as it can make the difference between winning and losing a contract. This can be a difficult task when you are out of the office, but with mobile computing devices you can respond almost instantly to urgent customer requests.

Better Communication & Collaboration: Effective communication is essential for collaboration. Through mobile computing devices your employees can send and receive emails while on the go, resulting in better collaboration, internal decision making and excuse-less operations which is almost impossible to accomplish without mobile technologies.

Flexible Work Environments: By providing your workers with mobile computing tools, you can create a more flexible environment for your employees and empower them to work from home or any other place they like. Mobile technologies truly minimize employee down time.

Paperless Environment: With continuous access to network information and resources through mobile devices, the days of travelling with a heavy load of printed documents and files are gone. However, when printed documents are required, such as printing a contract for a client on the spot, you can print on demand with portable printers.

Save Time & Cost On Site Internal Management
As the demand for media rich mobile internet and apps continues to grow, businesses continue to implement more and more mobile technologies. In addition to mobile technologies, we also provide “responsive design” in the websites we build for our affiliates, which allows our brokers to deliver quality content to audiences across multiple devices.  Responsive design allows our affiliates websites to stay ahead of the trend while having the look and user experience that can rival major financial institutions.

At The Loan Consultants, Inc. our main goal is to make our Affiliate’s daily tasks easier with our state of the art technologies and software.  Our affiliates find it much easier and less time consuming to manage customer needs and maintain their companies with the software and the mobile technologies TLC provides. This enables them to spend more time funding deals and earning commissions. Read More

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