The Myths & Benefits of Switching From Traditional Company Phone System To Digital Providers

23 July 2014
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23 July 2014, Comments: 0

There are many misconceptions about VoIP phone services that big, traditional phone companies don’t want small businesses to know in order to keep them as land line customers.  In this article we are going to discuss some of the myths and common reasons that have often prevented companies from making the switch to much more affordable, technologically advanced VoIP phone services.

High Setup Cost & No Long Term Savings
When it comes to VoIP phone services the first and most obvious myth is that there really isn’t very much of a cost savings by switching to VoIP. When there isn’t much of a cost much of a cost benefit, companies are usually reluctant to even take a look at changing anything operationally, since the time involved wouldn’t be worth it. With VoIP, the truth is just the opposite. Most companies can actually easily save at least 50 percent over traditional phone service. In actuality, businesses tend to greatly underestimate the amount of money they can save by switching to VoIP, which can be as much as 80 percent. Information below details how VoIP phone savings happen…
One of the main reasons why VoIP can create such a dramatic cost savings over traditional land line phone services is that all local and long distance calls are included in service plans. There is no nickel and diming with VoIP,  all calls are included on an "unlimited" basis. Once the phone adapter is in place, the user can talk to whomever, and wherever they wish, all with absolutely no extraneous monthly fees or surprises on their phone bills.

In addition to saving on local, national and long distance calls, International rates are more competitive with VoIP than with most cells or landline company. Costly maintenance, moving, adding and changing service fees are also eliminated, since is no onsite phone system to take care of. All of these costs can really add up, and generally are known to amount to 30 percent or more of traditional phone bills.

Unacceptable or Inferior Call Quality
Of all of the misconceptions out there about VoIP services, call quality is one of the most ironic and interesting, since the very nature of VoIP technology lends itself to greater call clarity. This is because the analog voice signal is converted to digital format to compress and translate over the Internet, which is designed to eliminate data interference. The prioritization of voice traffic over other data ensures the highest call quality available.

Additionally, VoIP voice quality is affected by the broadband quality which directly influences voice sound clarity. In short, the grade of broadband service is part of what determines the level of call quality, rather than just the VoIP service alone. Many VoIP services also offer business-class, voice-optimized broadband. As a result of all of the above, VoIP call quality routinely matches or exceeds that of land line services, and consistently offers exceedingly better connectivity and voice quality than any cell phone service.

VoIP Phone Services are for Techies and Larger Businesses
It is true that VoIP was created by forward-thinking professionals from the technology sector, but the reality is that VoIP phone services are even more suited for small businesses of all kinds, particularly since smaller companies tend to rely upon more mobility for their agents, representatives and employees. VoIP phone operations offer unmatched flexibility and scalability that has never been available from land line services. VoIP services can go wherever a user goes, which is not possible with traditional phones, since they require physical onsite setup and maintenance.

Small businesses can better afford VoIP, since cost savings for a basic service can amount to around 70% over regular phone systems, with standard advanced features like auto attendant and hunting (which automatically forwards calls to the next number in a designated ring list).
VoIP is designed for individuals to use their office phone number and features from anywhere that broadband internet access is available. This provides unparalleled phone access for users to both their business colleagues and the all-important customer.

Companies that switch to VoIP enjoy many more advanced features that are automatically incorporated into their phone systems – many of which are not even available on traditional phone line plans at all. The VoIP phone service is designed to be a Complete Digital Phone communications System that is fully integrated for outside and inside callers with the most highly sophisticated message and tracking features available today. VoIP includes advanced features generally not offered by regular phones such as:

• Voice mail with email and text messaging
• Auto attendant, call routing, multiple extensions
• Hunting – which dials numbers in the user ring list, until the call is answered Fully mobile call and message management
• Ability to use cell phones or soft phones (via computer) from anywhere

Set Up and Management is Costly and Difficult
The truth is that there isn’t a phone system available that is easier to set up and manage than VoIP – whether it is a basic, hosted or integrated phone service. None of the VoIP plans require any hardware on site for a technical person or customer to manage.

Companies can also use their existing phones and PBX for integrated services. VoIP lines or trunks can be added to a pre-existing phone system. Not only is the set up minimal, but the cost is free of charge, because it is not necessary for a technician to ever visit the site. In this way, small businesses can compete with larger companies, by being in a position to leverage advanced features such as auto attendant, hunt groups and call center routing. Since the communication system of any company is its backbone, having the best phone system possible makes employees more accessible, and therefore better suited to service customers more effectively.

Usually it is true that better quality can cost more money. However, with VoIP, the exact opposite is true. When it comes to upgrading operations systems, many companies are of the belief that increasing and upgrading services will automatically mean that they will need to spend more money. VoIP service enhancements are already built in and upgraded regularly, without the need to engage inside or outside service personnel. While big phone companies would like businesses to believe that this is not the case, upgrading to VoIP services is actually less expensive and comes with more standard phone features as soon as the service begins.

New Technology is More Troublesome
As it is with most innovation, businesses struggle with the fear of change, before realizing that the new methods will actually free them from older, more costly services. Once the simplicity of VoIP is realized, it will actually be more appealing on every level, than any traditional phone service could ever be. The fact is that VoIP has been in existence since the mid-90s and has been embraced by many small businesses as their communications method of choice.

Historically, as new technological advancements grow in popularity, the better the services supporting them become. This is evidenced in a report predicting that IP lines will grow to almost 60 percent of small business line shipments by the year 2015, while analog shipments are expected to decline at an average of 10 percent per year.

Traditional systems are expected to fair even worse, declining to less than 5 percent of the total market by 2015. The truth is VoIP technology is the future of all business communications, its feature rich, higher quality, and more cost effective and it is eating away at the profits of the traditional large carriers while saving your business money.

A Complete VoIP Digital Phone System offers savings of up to 80% over traditional phone line services Local, toll and long distance calling in one low rate bill Maintenance performed offsite without additional hardware Setup and upgrades of any equipment at any point in time.
Business expansion from increased productivity due to integrated client-staff communications is also one of the benefits of VoIP technology services to level the competitive playing field and provide small businesses with communications phone system features that enable better customer service, lower operational costs, all while delivering more business flexibility for expansion according to specific business needs.

Big phone companies don’t want small businesses to know that in actuality, VoIP services are not only much more affordable, but are positioned to offer and keep up with advancements that traditional phone service companies simply cannot provide. In addition to price savings, the advanced access features and functionality of VoIP phone services can help to increase professional productivity, thereby improving business competitiveness.  

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