The Benefits of Wireless Technologies and Synchronization in Business... (Part 2)

1 May 2015
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1 May 2015, Comments: 0

Continuing our discussion on Wireless Technology and your business…
In last month’s blog we looked at several different ways a small business can benefit from WiFi Technologies in their company network or home office. Because of the varying level of “tech savvy” among our readers, we thought it best to break this topic down into two sections. Last month we discussed some of the more easily identified benefits of WiFi Technologies. This month we will take a look at 6 additional benefits and cost savings of WiFi Technologies that many business owners would not anticipate.

Increased Productivity
A business organization that allows universal access to its corporate data helps in increasing the productivity of the organization. Wireless technology allows employees to continue with their work even if they are not at their desk or are at a distant location that is not connected physically to the corporate database. A survey conducted by CISCO in 2001 reflects that employees, who had wireless LAN (or WLAN) access, used the corporate database for two hours more than the usual office hours. This enabled them to complete more tasks, and therefore, helped in increasing the productivity of the organization. These employees could do so by connecting to their corporate database even when they were in a meeting, conference call, or at home.

Universal Access to Corporate Data
For a business organization, wireless technology provides access to its corporate database from any location. This is beneficial to their employees, who are regularly on the move. For example, corporate people visiting their branch offices or other organizations for business purposes need to present the latest facts and figures to validate their presentation. For this, they must have these data at their disposal. They can achieve this result by simply connecting to a central database from any location using handheld devices, such as a cellular phone or a wireless notebook.

Enhanced IT Support
Another area where wireless technology has proved to be useful is in the area of IT support. It has improved the working of an IT department because it requires less setup cost as compared to wired networks. The IT in return can also remotely assist users on the move, as once wireless technologies are enabled on the network, it becomes a full duplex method of access data and systems back and forth.

Data Availability
In today’s business environment, where everyone strives to meet deadlines, accomplishing the given task might require inputs in the form of data and analysis. The use of wireless technology helps make data available from anywhere at almost any time. This enables you to complete your tasks from any location. For example, sales persons traveling on a business deal can keep themselves updated with the latest sales figures of their organization and clients. They can do so by connecting to the corporate database using handheld devices, such as laptops and tablet PCs.

Wireless Solutions
Internet and its associated applications such as e-mail and instant messaging, have led to increased internal and client communications. In addition, organizations today have a large mobile workforce that needs to be in synchrony with all the other units of the organization. This has increased the need of a solution that is free from the hassles, such as cabling costs, which are inherent to a wired network. Wireless networks are the solution because they provide the following advantages.

Increased Network Coverage
Wireless network provides a quick and cost effective solution for expanding existing Ethernet networks. For example, if an organization is planning to send some of its employees to a client location, it can provide access to its network so that these employees continue to work on the project. Wireless network therefore provides a cost effective network solution, as it is free of the cabling costs and the maintenance costs associated with a cabled network.

Wireless technologies allow us to set up networks that do not require any form of wiring. A wireless network is beneficial for small business offices that change their place of work frequently. Additionally, a wireless network is easy to setup and has a low cost of ownership, while providing enhanced data encryption schemes for better security to a network user ratio. Wireless technologies use software that automatically adjusts the network settings to enhance the network performance and much more! If your business model required you or your associates to travel a lot and be away from the main office on frequent bases, you might be the ideal candidate for wireless technologies.

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