Software Technology

The Loan Consultants, Inc.'s Software Technologies
The Cutting Edge of Mortgage Brokerage Available ONLY To Our affiliates! Let our affiliate broker website do your selling for you 24 hours a day. Our loan professionals in collaboration with our IT specialist have designed and developed broker commercial web pages for exclusive use by our affiliates. This site will give you the professional look and tools to compete against the biggest lenders in today’s fast moving market. Your borrowers can apply for a loan on-line, learn the advantages of using a Business Finance Consultant or Certified Loan Broker, “bid” for the interest rate they want to pay, and have their Most Frequently Asked Questions answered. You’ll benefit from national name-brand recognition and be proud to say “visit my business website.”

From Finding Loans To Funding Loans… Now Just A Keystroke Away!
In today's competitive environment, commercial lenders are always looking for ways to increase efficiency in the loan process, improve profitability, and control risk. The Loan Consultants’ Custom Lender’s Database is a single database application that provides comprehensive commercial lender management from initial scoping to final closing of the deals.

The Loan Consultants’ Exclusive Technologies include:
Exclusive 100+ Lender Database to wholesale lender sources right on your computer.
A fully integrated system that supports both internal business operations and external business relation.
Efficiency by eliminating redundant data, reducing errors and lowering maintenance and operating costs.
Centralization of Access creates centralized landing pad for all you data.
Simultaneous edits on one single database eliminates the waiting your turn or managing multiple versions.
When It’s all about team work, and collaboration… we know how to get you there.

The Loan Consultants' Exclusive Lender Database
TLC Lender Database improves your results by managing all aspects of your loan process from pre-qualifying loan requests, contact senior loan officer support, collaborating with lenders, and much more with a single database application.

Your Own Custom “Loan Application” E-MAIL APP™
Customize your E-mail APP and use it as an interactive business card!
Instead of an ordinary paper loan application (like that used by most other brokers), now you can give your prospective borrower an E-mail APP linked to your own website. You customize it with your company name and duplicate for distribution to any prospective borrower. Our professional Senior Loan officers have written this program to answer all of your prospective borrower’s questions, so all you have to do is check your E-mail to see the loan applications come rolling in! You stand out because we stand out among the Business Opportunity. No other loan broker program in the world has our exclusive technologies!

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