Marketing Tips For Start-Ups!

2 February 2016
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2 February 2016, Comments: 0

Marketing Tips For Start-Ups!

There is almost nothing more exciting than starting a new business venture to realize all your dreams and hopes of being a successful entrepreneur. However, often times entrepreneurs find themselves in heavy emotional havoc when they realize that marketing and corporate branding is not as easy as they thought it would be before they stated on their new venture. Even though this is extremely close to the truth, there are fundamental guidelines to follow to make the entire process fun, intuitive and a whole lot more enjoyable. Let’s look at few key concepts to ease the process of marketing when in the start-up stages of your new venture…

Branding & The Promise

The first and the most important thing you can do for your business is be clear on what your business stands for. What’s your promise to your audience or potential clients in other words? Knowing this will not only help you put out consistent messages and attract the right customers, it will also help you hire the right people and develop products and services that are aligned with your promise. This process is extremely important if you are planning to build a solid brand.

Also, a good Corporate Identity should communicate the purpose of your business clearly and visually. The values that the brand represents, it should engage your target market effortlessly and it should also be simple, memorable and to the point. Keeping your marketing materials in order is also extremely important! You have to make sure all of your marketing materials, including website, photos, flyers, etc. have the same look and feel.

Another part of your marketing that is extremely important for your business is packaging. Packaging is a key trigger which can attract and persuade a customer to buy your product. Is your packaging visually striking through design, color or shape and communicating your brand ideals? If not, it might be time for a revamp. Ultimately, you should re-evaluate your packaging and overall marketing materials every few years, and update them based on the personal, and collective feedback of your customers and internal operations. The goal here is to make sure that you’re always giving the customer what they are looking for in order to maximize your profits. But be careful in what you promise, as you have to deliver on all those promises which your marketing materials illustrate.

Honesty is a huge part of your marketing campaigns. People love a good honest story. Craft your own around why you started your business and then tell it through your website, social networking pages and blogs or even write your own book. let your story and personality shine through…this is another way to build trust and appeal to customers.

As mentioned earlier, you should always strive to make your marketing materials look consistent. This way customers will recognize your services faster than if you try to give them something new every time. In order to achieve this consistency, you can use templates and create brand standards for your marketing materials. This way you can easily apply the same color scheme, logo placement, look and feel throughout.

If you are starting out, work on your personal brand to get that first contract/client over the line. your appearance is an important part of marketing yourself. Always keep in mind that your first impression is your best impression. Having this in mind, try getting an independent opinion from an image consultant. If you feel drab from your marketing materials, then you’re probably creating that impression with your prospects as well. Be more creative, or hire a creative help to assist you with this step.

Use benefits and emotional language to engage your target market in your key messages. For example: Gym does not just advertise workout machines and its pool… it usually advertises the “Good Life and the benefits of working out… the relaxation after a long day of work at the gym and in the sauna after the workout” … these are the things you should focus on in your marketing. Always try to focus the benefits of your product and services and not just the services themselves. Humans are emotional creatures… they engage more to emotions than technicality.

Always look professional and have a corporate presence in yourself and your marketing materials. The easiest way to do this is by having polished marketing material, always being professional and although your business may be small, still thinking big!

Last but not least, keep in mind that the way you treat staff is just as important as how you treat customers when it comes to building a reputation. What would previous employees say about your business. ex-staff are also an opportunity for leads and new business. Your staff are one of your most important marketing tools. Make sure their communication with customers conveys your brand message and represents your values. Reward them not only for closing sales, but for being great representatives for your business.

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