How Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Benefits Your Company… Part 2

29 March 2014
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29 March 2014, Comments: 0

Continuing our discussion on SEO and your business
In last month’s blog we looked at several different ways a small business can benefit from making search engine optimization part of their regular marketing efforts. Because of the varying level of “tech savvy” among our readers, we thought it best to break this topic down into two sections. Last month we discussed some of the more easily identified benefits of an SEO campaign. This month we will take a look at 5 additional benefits and cost savings of creating an SEO campaign that many people would not anticipate.   

1. SEO is more Cost-Effective than print advertising. This is directly due to the amount of visitors or viewers who will see the print advertising, versus online ads.  The more the viewers, the more expensive the print advertising costs.  On the other hand, organic SEO costs the fraction of the cost of print advertising, with an additional positive attribute.  It’s permanent! Once the information is published on the web, it stays there forever.  Therefore, all the links, articles and information published on the internet will constantly drive traffic to your company’s website. This makes SEO an invaluable part of your business.

2. SEO Provides a Better Way to Measure Results.
While bringing in traffic feels like an accomplishment, bringing in highly qualified and targeted traffic is certainly a bigger accomplishment.  Random visitors will generate hits on your site… however; the targeted visitors will actually convert into clients.  Therefore, knowing who visits your site, from what locations, the age range, the surfing habits while on your site and other very important statistical data is essential to your business.  Since SEO is done all on the internet and it’s traceable. You can employ software to gather all this saved information from the proper directories on the internet and utilize it in order to find out exactly what is happening on your website and carving out a strategy to maximize your ROI.  The more you understand your visitor, the better you can engage and interact with them through your site, which in return yields in more business.

3. SEO is Very Flexible.
Since all the effort done through SEO is permanently kept on the internet, you don’t have to worry about missing a month of advertising if you experience a cash flow shortage.  Not many marketing techniques offer this flexibility.  Compare this with print ads where, if you do not pay for next month’s advertising, the advertising company will immediately stop showing your AD in the paper.  SEO on the other hand is the complete opposite.  Even if you stop performing SEO on your site for a month, all the results will stay about 98% the same.  It takes about 3 months for the current position of your site to start dropping as your competitors keep their SEO efforts rolling.  This can give your company greater flexibility as you allocate resources in order to achieve your immediate financial goals and continue to get new highly targeted visitors who have a higher possibility to convert into clients.

4. SEO is a Long-Term Strategy.
Since the internet and search engines are programmed to perform tasks at specified times, such as “crawling” the Internet, indexing information from the internet and other automated process… it takes time for your SEO efforts to show in the Search Engine Ranking Results. Therefore SEO needs to be progressively performed until results start showing.  After this initial process, you need to switch gears to the commencing and the maintenance process. This is a statistical analysis and strategy implementation that will not only keep your rankings, but move forward as well.  For the best result you should implement some type of SEO maintenance into your daily routines.

5. SEO Leverages Social Networks.
With the rise in popularity of Social Networking, a lot of giants like Google, Yahoo and MSN/Bing began harvesting this technology in order to determine the stability of organizations and businesses. These companies began sharing information with each other, which in return, gave the SEO another way to expose information of the client on the Internet.  Now everyone is actively utilizing Social Media and having a SEO niche in the Social Media spectrum is a very powerful way to improve your bottom line.  Of course Social Media requires a different approach than the ordinary SEO, but it’s actually easier than you might think.  Everyone on Social Networks are in a very “Social” state mind… therefore the Social approach is very down to earth and straight forward.  In most cases it’s probably the cheapest way to get the word out on the internet and make feel people more connected to your brand.

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